my relationship:how i met him

It has been 4 years , 4 years of ups and downs , love , laugh and cry . Relationship and love  has always been a very important factors in my life. Since I was a little kid I always fancied about future relationship i shall have with my prince charming and hopefully one day get married and have a happily ever after that I always dream of .As a kid you don’t realize that relationships aren’t all about love and happiness , it also involves two people  fully committing to each other and have each other’s backs in case of an emergency or if somethings goes wrong . Sometimes I feel like love itself could be a commitment choice rather than an emotion.

Early days of my teenager days I never knew what love was really like , i was involved in wrong relationships that i got hurt more than feeling loved, dating wrong type of teenager boys that were basically using my innocence in order to satisfy their needs and calling it LOVE. I got hurt a lot , cried a lot ( my pillow was a shoulder for me to cry on). The problem was I didn’t really know what kind of person i was really looking for because i never knew what true love was I assume whoever is nice to me is going to be a great partner for me but breaking my heart because they were lost too same as me as a person they didn’t know what they they’re looking for as well .

In 2014 it was early may , weather just started to getting cold and breezy and it was time to officially say goodbye to warm sunny weather that i met my partner Chris . I met him in a very unusual way that may sound normal because as for 2017 we all live in digital world and online dating is now very normal and popular way of meeting and finding love . I met him on Facebook , we started chatting and webbing each other . he was a really interesting person and we had a lot in common sometimes i think that he is boy version of me that’s why we are matching so much. but unfortunately there was a big barrier between me and him and that was the distance between us, he was from Melbourne and I was in Sydney . We forgot about that and didn’t let it effect us as much. for two weeks we talked everyday video chatting for hours , pouring our heart out and just opening up to each other . One of the best feeling in the world is finding someone that you can talk to them about anything and tell them all about you’re secrets and experiences in life and not get judged .

alis 460

on 17th of may , my life basically changed for good . He surprised me with moving to Sydney . it was a big step for him to change his lifestyle, job and his house just for me basically meaning giving up on his old life to meet me and be with me . its hard to explain having so much feeling for someone you  haven’t even meet yet . After long wait of nearly 13 hours  for him to get so Sydney i finally saw him, he came to my work and i had butterflies all day in my stomach and worried sick thinking what if he doesn’t like what i look like in real life .  the minute i saw him i really fell for him , he has this special personality which is very different to other mens . what really attracted me to him physical wise was his beautifully natural tanned skin which is covered in tattoos( I love tattoos )  and the way he dresses ( I like guys whom dress nice ) he melted my heart with his smile and bubbly personality . It was so easy to talk to him he is my best friend and my lover.

To be honest i never felt love with anyone else before Chris or thinking about marriage and having kids ever but i started having interest in them as i started dreaming about my future with him which defiantly involves having kids .

I would never think to be with someone for this long or to even find love . keep reading my posts and i will talk about my personal experiences , memories and my ups and downs stories and how to overcome problems in relationships which is my expertise .

hope you enjoyed reading my today’s post .

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